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Why the FIBA License:

On September 1st 2006, the amended international regulations of FIBA came into force. They contain, under Regulation H.5, the Regulation Governing Players’ Agents. These regulations govern the activities of Players' Agents ("Agent(s)"), who bring about or assist in the international transfer of players or coaches. The aim of these regulations is to make sure that a high standard of quality and transparency is guaranteed for the activities of players' agents and transfers in the FIBA family.

Regulation Governing Players’ Agents

H5 Players’ agents

H5.1 These rules govern the activities of players’ agents (hereinafter referred to as Agent(s)”) who undertake to bring about or assist in the international transfer players or coaches (players and coaches are hereinafter also referred to as “Players”).

H5.3 General Matters

H5.3.1 Players are entitled to use the services of an Agent to represent them or safeguard their interests in negotiations with clubs. The Agent must be in possession of a valid license issued by FIBA.

H5.3.3 Players and clubs are not permitted to use the services of a non-licensed agent (cf. H5.7 and H5.8).

H5.7 Duties and sanctioning of players

H5.7.1 Duty of players
A player may use the services of only one Agent licensed under the terms and conditions of these Regulations.

H5.7.2 Sanctioning of players
H. In the event that a player uses the services of an unlicensed agent or more than one agent at the same time, FIBA acting through the Secretary General (or his delegate) is entitled to:
a) take this factor into account when considering the player’s position in any subsequent contractual dispute;
b) sanction the player as follows:
(i) a reprimand or caution;
(ii) a fine up to CHF50,000
(iii) prohibit the player from obtaining national and/or international transfers.

H. The sanctions may be cumulative.

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